Getting Started with Teem

You've purchased Teem licenses, now what? The checklists on this page will help you round up the team members needed to get Teem up and running, and walk you through the steps to a successful deployment.

Set up rooms -

Congratulations! You're on your way to a happier, more efficicent workplace. This list will walk you through the most essential steps to getting your Teem Rooms up and running.

TaskTask Owner

  • Procure, set up, install hardware Procurement+

    Certain room display enclosures have long lead times, so if you're planning on mounting displays outside of your rooms, we suggest getting enclosures ordered ASAP. Of course, you don't have to wait for them to arrive to set your Teem account live –you can begin collecting data and using Teem booking tools before a single display is mounted!

    Hardware Supported Devices for Eventboard
  • Set up calendars Email/Calendar Admin+

    Teem booking tools utilize your existing calendar system. Because of this, it is the first thing you should do when you purchase Teem licenses. Everything else that we do hinges on this.

    Exchange Users Google Users
  • Set default settings Teem Account Admin+

    Default settings are inherited throughout the organization. By going through and setting the defaults you will ensure that Teem functions in the way that you want, and that it is consistent. You can always override default settings at more local levels.

    Default Settings
  • Build your space hierarchy in admin dashboard Teem Account Admin+

    Create the hierarchy of Campus, Building, Floor and Space. This defines Teem structure, and is a vital backbone to what we do.

    How to Create a Room
  • Assign calendars to rooms Teem Account Admin+

    This is the process of assigning your calendars to Teem rooms, and finalizes the Teem Connection with your calendar system.

    How to Tie Calendars to Rooms Support
  • Create user accounts and set permissions Teem Account Admin+

    Teem permissions are applied by defining permissions for a group, then adding users to that group. I.e. Admins should be part of a group with elevated permissions within Teem. End users should be part of a different group that only has access to Employee Tools. You can also make a group for designers that gives them permission to manage room display themes.

    Managing User Groups and Permissions
  • Set up health monitoring Teem Account Admin+

    Enabling health monitoring will ensure that you're alerted when devices go offline. To do this, we need to know where health emails should go. This setting is a global setting.

    Set Up Health Monitoring
  • Set up devices Teem Account Admin+

    Download the EventBoard app on your tablets

    Android Setup iOS Setup
  • Tie devices to rooms Teem Account Admin+

    In order to run our EventBoard app on your conference room displays, you’ll need to connect the devices to your company’s Teem account.

    How to Add, Move, or Delete EventBoard Devices
  • Override default settings where necessary Teem Account Admin+

    Not all rooms should have the same settings. Identify which spaces should have exceptions to defaults, and then apply them.

    EventBoard Display Settings
  • Enable the Outlook add-in Email/Calendar Admin+

    While all the other booking tools (besides room displays) are automatically accessible with a user account, the Outlook Add-in must be enabled by an Exchange or Office 365 Admin.

    The Teem Outlook Add-in brings the features you love from Teem (filters for room location, capacity, and amenities) into Outlook.

    Teem Outlook Add-in

Take Teem Rooms to the Next Level+

Set up Teem Desks+

Set up LobbyConnect lobbies+