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Our Add-in lives within your Outlook calendar so that the experience is simple and easy to use for those who are loyal to Outlook, as well as new employees who are scheduling a meeting for the first time. Book rooms based on location, availability, capacity, amenities, and more.

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Our Add-in lives within your Outlook calendar so that the experience is simple and easy to use for those who are loyal to Outlook, as well as new employees who are scheduling a meeting for the first time. Book rooms based on location, availability, capacity, amenities, and more.

This article will guide you through installing and using the add-in.

The Teem Outlook Add-in requires each user to have a user account on Teem.com. We recommend using Office 365 SSO or ADFS     

Once you have checked everything off the list you are ready to install the Add-in.

Web or Native Installation

The Outlook Add-in can be installed two different ways, web or native. We recommend using the web installation for Outlook and Exchange versions 2013 and later. Here are a few reasons why:

 Listed below are advantages of the web add-in.

  • The web add-in can be easily deployed and managed across an organization. The native add-in must be installed and removed individually on each device by the user.
  • Since the web add-in is essentially a website it is always up to date. This makes deploying bug fixes much easier. The native add-in updates every time Outlook is first opened.
  • Once the web add-in has been added to your account it propagates to all applicable devices you use. The native add-in must be installed on each device individually.
  • The web add-in is the future of Microsoft. They are using it for their iOS, Android, and Mac deployments and it is where they will focus development.

Note: If your Exchange Server or Outlook Client version is 2010 or below, you will need to use the native add-in

Configuring the Teem Outlook Web Add-in 

As an admin navigate to the Exchange Admin Center by going to outlook.office365.com/ecp for Office 365 or https://yourmailserver/ecp/ for on-premise Exchange versions.

From here you will see the Organization tab off to the left of your screen. Click here and then click Add-ins

Exchange Admin Center Add-ins

Near the top of this new screen click the + button... 

Add new add-in Exchange admin center


then ‘Add by URL’ 

Add add-in by url exchange center admin

Next, enter this URL https://o365.teem.com/manifest.xml into the box as shown below

enter teem outlook add-in url exchange center

Now, the permissions for the add-in are not set correctly upon creation of the add-in. Click on the Teem add-in and then click the Edit button near the top of the page to make changes.  

Exchange admin center Teem Outlook add-in

We recommend checking ‘Make this add-in available to users in your organization’ as well as ‘Mandatory, always enabled. User can’t disable this add-In.’ 

Teem Outlook Add-in settings

You have now successfully added your Teem Outlook Add-in! Our Teem Outlook Add-in can also be shared on a group by group basis as well. 

Installing the Teem Outlook Native Add-in 

In instances where the web add-in is either not available or preferable, the native add-in may be installed, and is compatible with all versions of Outlook for PC (2007 and above) on Exchange versions 2007 and above.

How do I install, update, and uninstall the Native Outlook Add-in?

The outlook native add-in is installed via a ClickOnce installation. For information on ClickOnce please visit  https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/142dbbz4(v=vs.90).aspx. ClickOnce must be installed on the client's PC by the user on their designated user account. To deploy to an organization an administrator can send out an email with a link to the download of the "OutlookPluginSetup.exe" and the users can download and run through the setup.

The installation instructions are the same for both the end user and administrators since you must be logged in to the user's account.

How to Install

  1. Download the "OutlookPluginSetup.exe" from the download URL on the Teem website.  https://outlook.teem.com/plugin/TeemOutlookSetup.exe
  2. Run "OutlookPluginSetup.exe" from your downloads directory.

Install Outlook Add-in Instructions Teem

  1. On the verify publisher screen click "Install".

Install Outlook Add-in Instructions Teem

  1. The application is then downloaded and installed with no user input.

Install Outlook Add-in Instructions Teem Success

  1. Once installed click "Close" on the "The Microsoft Office customization was successfully installed" screen.
  2. Your Teem outlook add-in has now been installed and will be available the next time you launch the outlook application.

Note: The error "An error occurred trying to download..." may indicate that a change is required to your Internet Options, found under the settings cog in Internet Explorer, or via the Control Panel: Internet Options \ Advanced \ Security | Do not save encrypted files to disk

How to Update

  1. Every time the outlook application is first opened the application will check for updates.
  2. If an update is found it will be downloaded and applied automatically.

How to Uninstall

  1. Launch the "Add or remove programs" application.
  2. Navigate to "Teem Plugin" and click "Uninstall".
  3. Flow the appropriate prompts to finish uninstalling the application.

How to use the Outlook Add-in

Once the add-in has been installed, simply opening your Outlook instance will allow it to be run. In Outlook, go to the Calendar view. Then open an appointment creation window and take the following steps:

  1. Click the Room Finder add-in by Teem. That should slide out a drawer menu from the right side of the screen where you will be prompted to Sign In.

How to Use Outlook Add-in with Teem

  1. Sign In using your name and password. If you are using our Office365 SSO, Google SSO, or SAML login options, those buttons will be accessible below the username and password fields.

How to Use Outlook Add-in Teem SSO

  1. Once a successful Sign-in has happened. You’ll be prompted to Authorize the Teem add-in to access resources. Please select the Authorize option.

How to Use Outlook Add-in Authorzation

  1. The next screen you’ll see will ask you to set your “default location.” These are the floors and rooms you most commonly use. Our add-in will restrict the search results to these spaces.

How to Use Outlook Add-in Default Location

How to Use Outlook Add-in Default Location

  1. When the location has been set, Teem will display the available resources for the time frame specified in the appointment window. By selecting any resource on this list, the resource name will be populated in the location field of your meeting creation screen.

Teem How to Use Outlook Add-in Resources

  1. If you like to utilize additional filters to identify appropriate spaces, you can click the filter icon on the upper right side of the window. This will allow you to adjust you default location, add a room capacity filter, and also sort by room amenities like AppleTV or Projector.

How to Use Outlook Add-in Filters

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