Google Apps for Work Calendar Integration

If you use Google Apps for your workplace email and calendars, you’ll need to set up our Google Calendars integration to get started with EventBoard, Desks, and Teem Mobile.

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If you use Google Apps for your workplace email and calendars, you’ll need to set up our Google Calendars integration to get started with EventBoard, Desks, and Teem Mobile.

Create Room Resources in Google Apps for Work

NOTE: You will need to be a Super administrator within Google Apps for Work to proceed with the steps in this article.

Like Exchange, Google Apps for Work has Resource Calendars, which are great for having a calendar for the room without having a user specifically for it. Here's how to create a room resource.

1. Login to
2. Click on Apps
3. Then go to Google Apps
4. Then click on Calendar
5. Here you will select the resources tab
6. Click Create a new resource or use a resource that has already been created

Google Apps for Work Calendar Setup

7. The form will ask for a name, type, and description. For the name, I put Will's Test. The type is Conference Room and the description is left blank.

Creating a Management Account in Google Apps for Work

You will need to have a regular user account that has access to these room calendars in order for you to sync events. You can choose what to call this account, here we will call it a Management Account, as it manages the rooms for you. Any account can be used as a Management Account, but we recommend creating one that won't be used for anything but managing the Room Resource Calendars. One reason for this is we will not have any personal calendars or data for use.

To do this, go to the Users section of the Google Admin Console, click the green plus button towards the bottom of the screen, and create a user.

New Google Apps and Teem User

Accessing the Room Calendar in Google Apps for Work

Now that we have our Resource calendars and our Management Account, we can get access to the room calendars setup. To do this as a management user (in our case,,

1. Go to calendars.
2. Under Other Calendars, click the down arrow and in the dropdown menu.
3. Select Browse Interesting Calendars.

Browse Calendars with Google Apps Calendar Integration

4. Once there, click on More.
5. Then click on resources for your domain.
6. In the resulting page, subscribe to all the room calendars. Here you can see that we have two: Will's Test and Test.
7. Click on Subscribe.

Google Apps for Work Teem Calendar Integraiton

8. Once subscribed, click on Back to Calendar, located at the top of the screen. You will see these room calendars listed, usually under Other Calendars.

My Calendars Selection Google Apps for Work

A Note on Permissions

In many cases we want to be able to write to these calendars, as well as read. In our Management Account, if the room calendars appear under the 'Other Calendars' section, then they are read only. If they appear under 'My Calendars' then we have permission to write to those calendars.

To change a calendar from Read to Read/Write we need to access the calendars from a Super administrator account and share them specifically with our Management account.

1. Log in as your Super administrator user.
2. Go to calendars.
3. If you have not already, subscribe to the resource calendars as noted above.
4. Once subscribed, select the menu next to the room calendar name.
5. Select share in the resulting menu.

Share Google for Work Calendar Plugin

6. In the sharing dialog, you want to share with a specific person. Enter your Management Account email.
7. Set the permission to Make Changes AND Manage Sharing.
8. Click save.

Syncing with Teem

At this point we are ready to sync accounts with Teem.

1. Log into
2. Use the left menu to navigate to Manage
3. Then click on Calendars (or click here)
4. Then click on the “+ Account” button in the top left corner.

5. Teem can sync with several calendar systems. For this article, we will select Google Apps by selecting the Google Apps icon.

We sync using Google's built in OAUTH API. If you are not logged into a Google account, you will be prompted to do so.
Note: Make sure you are logged in to your work Management Account, not your personal account.

6. Once logged in to your Management Account, you will be asked if you want to allow Teem access to the account. Clicking Accept will allow us access to the calendars. We will then ask Google for a list of calendars, which we will have available as a pool to be associated on any Room.

7. After a few moments you can press the yellow refresh button to view all pulled in calendars for the account. Once refreshed they will populate within the page. This view displays the calendar's name, Sync status, Read/Write status/ Last sync time and the availability to assign it to a room directly from this view.

To select a calendar

1. Find your Room from the list under spaces and click to apply.
2. Alternatively, click on the Details button within the Space itself and in the Room Calendar dropdown, calendars synced through this account will show the email first and then the calendar name.

Email Details Teem Google Apps for Work

Teem User Permission Settings

Now, if you go back to the management account, you will see the calendars moved from Other Calendars to My Calendars, and we have write access.

Old School Google Calendar Visibility

Scheduling a Room Resource

Now that everything is set up, synced, and permissions set right, we can now schedule the room. The ideal way to do this is to schedule an event on your own calendar and then invite the room as a guest. This can only be done from Google's calendar web app. Simply start a calendar event, and then where you would normally invite guests, there is now a Rooms option where you can just click Add on the desired room.

Google Calendar Event Setting Sync

Adding More Rooms Later

Should you create more rooms later and want those calendars available in the Teem admin dashboard, follow these steps:
1. Simply subscribe to the calendar and make sure it is shared appropriately.
2. Go to
3. Next to your account select Refresh. This will have our service check for an updated list of calendars.

And that’s it! From start to finish, everything you would need to start syncing with Google Apps!

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